Good evening,

I attached my sincere letter to my favorite band on earth.

I can only hope it reaches relevant eyes, but then again – every music fan out there is relevant.

Keep it going forward.

And may it stop only when the power of love overthrows the love for power.

An open letter to Pearl Jam


Thank you.


35 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Pearl Jam

  1. You are just a little spoiled brat who has no idea whats going on in Palestine cuz youre all cozy and safe in the fake unrecognized wannabe country of Israel aka IsraHELL.. You dont know all sides so stop lying and just tell the truth!!! You are living in an apartheid country. Fuck Israel. Let it burn.

      • I think it’s preposterous to tell me I am a “spoiled brat, don’t know whats going on, I’m cozy and safe” while you type away your hateful replies sitting all the way in Saint Louis, MO. and I live and learn a mile away (literally) from gaza.

    • Uhh, that’s a little harsh. There are two sides. I think that’s what he’s trying to say. We can’t blame him.. he’s 25. He is not responsible for the unrest in that region for hundreds of years. He only knows what he’s been taught. I as an American thought we were the GREATEST country, but can now see that we have done horrible things, but I’m twice his age too. Give him time

      • contrary to your beliefs – here In Israel – being a young man allows me to have a better grasp on reality (no mentioning that I’m living a few meters from Gaza). and although there are no ongoing conflicts in the Stats – there are horrible things buried in the American culture that make me favor my situation over yours a thousand times over.

  2. Nice. Let’s get this this some more exposure. Email it to Tim Bierman from Ten Club. I can care less about the political statements artists make but that rants was a directed towards our people and he has no idea what is really happening on both sides and should be educated further. I am in agreement with his want/need for peace, but disagree with his hate speech towards israel.

    • Not wanting to pay for other nations bombs and asking for peace is hate speech? Or did you mean that part about bombing children? I guess the truth hurts and don’t give me the “human shield” defense. Doesn’t stop Israel from killing children does it?

      • Jesus (wow that’s weird), I did not say hate speech. I specifically wrote that he should speak his mind. I just said that he should find out 1st hand. as should we all.
        and everything else you wrote – its true for both sides, why ours is worst?

    • Your situation is not unique. There is conflict in other countries. He didn’t SAY Israel! But the killing of the 4 cousins in an area that was totally obscure, and where nobody but civilians would be, is despicable. You can defend your country, but facts are facts. Your country has killed more civilians than anything. I think that’s what people have the most problem with.

      • Wow. Yes I am sitting in Saint Louis, Missouri. And your point is? Just cuz i am far away doesnt mean i cant support my Palestinian brothers and sisters and no I am not Arab but that doesnt mean shit because at the end of the day our religion binds us stronger than BLOOD. And they are backed by millions around the world. And yes Israel has BRAINWASHED you. You have no idea what its like bc you arent constantly being targeted, and discriminated against. Israelis fucking built a wall to seperate themselves from the Arabs. Why??? You probably dont even know. Apartheid Israel will FALL.

      • You are brainwashed if you have no empathy for the other side. Israel is a bully. You are killing in the name of Religion.

      • Oh, jeez. Israel is constantly being targeted. What about all of those rockets that are shot into Israel every single day? And you’re saying we’re not discriminated against, are you even listening to yourself? You’re trying to call us brainwashed, you, when you’re eating right out of Hamas’ hands? They’re telling their own people to stay put and die for better media and empathy, and they are making themselves look like the victim. And it’s working. Yet somehow, we’re all brainwashed. That’s nice from someone who’s sitting around in Saint Louis, and has never seen anything first hand. If course we’re discriminated against. Haven’t you ever stepped into a history classroom? Or hasn’t anyone told you, it’s easier to blame the Jews. Might as well blame us for the Muslims killing each other in Syria.
        And yes, Israel built a wall. Have you ever taken a moment to consider the fact that Israel is surrounded on every side by people who hate it?
        Hamas are the only ones killing in the name of religion.

  3. heh…bunch of land thieves and the original terrorist. your asking to look at the other side…which side exactly…the one where
    you stole land, recourses and homes? your obvously born in new york and migrated to stolen lands. when the fight is equal
    you land squatters will run with your tails between your legs. your want to normalise the apartied state by saying look we have
    musical acts coming here?.so when you served in the occupation army how many chilfren did you kill, or were you manning a
    checkpoint? no real humans care about your stolen property…you brutalise and defame to keep one is buying your
    koolaid anymore. id like to see you go kick some people out of there homes in new york and squat there, see where that gets you.

  4. what a f**d up waste of open lettter to eddie vedder, all about me and me and me, full of appologises. nothing about the double standards that israel faces while the states and nato kills endless civilans and the arab world massacar each other, including the recognized terror organization hamas that rules gaza and do all it can to kill jews. so they dont succeed, tough luck for you eddie. i geuss you heard about how jamas hide and fire out of scjools, kindergardens, hospitals and cicilian buildings. ny guess ia that the US in that case, as they did, wouls just wipe out the entire cities. not to mention if a single rocket would be fire towards san diego. gaza is not occupied now and all the who’s land is it can go way back to thousands of years ago. theyre not “native americans” the jewish people are the native of judeah, israel and zion

  5. Wow so much hatred in here, and all of it coming from people who know nothing about anything.
    Before even participating in a debate about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ask yourselves why are you so preoccupied with blaming Israel for every wrong doing in the middle east. I bet you wouldent have any problem with your favorite band performing in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iran or any country in Africa even tough those countries commit countless atrocities each day far worse than those you so eagerly blame Israel for.
    When Muslims kill Muslims in Syria there are no protests on the streets, why is that? because there are no Jews to blame? because theres no backstory?
    I have no problem with any criticism against Israel, even when its unjustified, excessive, or even plain wrong. However, being total hypocrites that mask antisemitism in words such as “Apartheid state” , “human rights” and such is simply too much.
    I couldent care less what Pearl Jam does, as long as they understand that Music is a tool for bringing people together, not dividing them.

  6. You know what yoavarden? I’d like to have an adult conversation with you since I’ve never spoken to an Israeli before. So I apologize if I insulted you in any way. Whats your’e personal email so I can message you privately and we can discuss both side?

  7. You can NOT justify killing innocent children as what happened today on a Palestinian beach. I know that there are bad people everywhere. But Israel needs to STOP now. They are killing INNOCENT PEOPLE.

    • “Israel needs to STOP now…” and then what? Killing is wrong but how will you act against missiles and a government that tells the world that it wants you all dead. Please enlight me with your thoughts.

  8. And you like so many ignore that Israel is illegally colonising Palestine. How many Middle Eastern countries are colonising Israel? It’s called Apartheid – look it up. Lucky the ‘Rest of the World’ doesn’t feel the same way as you – 170 countries denounced the illegal settlements & the Israeli Gov policy at the last UN vote. Guess that makes the ‘Rest of the World’ anti-semitic too…

    • totally right, only the over way around.
      Israel is under continuing try to be colonized by the Muslim world.

      lot’s of the countries who consistently mentioning israel for worse in the u.n human rights council, are busy with their own war crimes, and death propaganda.

      so on what side of the human morality do you want to find yourself in the end of the day?

  9. I don’t know what kind of hate I’m going to get for this, and I anticipate a great deal. But I have read every single view expressed on this page, and simply feel the need to share what I know. Before you respond, I only request that you please read through the entirety and consider both what I’ve discussed, and what you are about to, and I will listen with open ears.
    Not long ago, there was a kidnapping of three young Israeli boys, not even army age. 16 and 17. They were later found dead. Not long after, one of the most vile things was reported; in an act of revenge, a group of equally young boys targeted an innocent from the other side, and set him on fire. I am ashamed, as I am of many goings on in the Middle East from every side. This was at the beginning of the summer, and I believe that it acted as a trigger. Now, take a moment and look at where we are now.
    A ridiculous amount of rockets has been fired into Israel every single day, reaching farther than ever before. Three days ago, directly following a cease fire, Hamas fired one hundred rockets into Israel in the span of two hours.
    The reason there are so fewer Israeli deaths reported is because Israel makes it it’s number one priority to protect itself. There are bomb shelters and safe rooms around every other corner, because when the red alarm sounds, you’ve only got fifteen seconds to find one. No exaggeration. Before you counter, I pardon you to look it up, as it will only take a moment. Look up a place called Sderot.
    Israel has also constructed something called the iron dome. You may look this up as well, if you would like to understand in greater detail. In short, the iron dome tracks where the rockets heading toward them are. If one is going to land in a heavily populated area, then they shoot it while it is in the sky to destroy it before it can, them.
    I do not blame the people born in gaza, nor many surrounding countries. My heart goes out to them just as much as it does to my extended family who are undoubtably going to be called in to fight, now. I fear for every life, as none of us want war. I blame Hamas, the terrorist organization who aims to kill Israelis-Jewish and Arab alike- and uses the lives of those who live in gaza by firing out of schools and the like. I blame the many governments who disregard the lives of the people living under them.
    Israel really is the size of New Jersey, so I ask you again to consider the size of gaza, and in turn, their population doubled with the fact that they stay unprotected by their government, what is to be said? I am not making excuses. Circumstances are simply that, and they never excuse anyone’s actions, Israel’s included. I am a firm believer that no one has the choice of where and when they are born. No one in the middle east has chosen to grow up with this life. We are all people born into an ugly reality. With all of my heart, I desire a change, and live in the hope that one day it will appear.
    Though I identify as a Jew, I have no problem with Arabs or Palestineans as people. I have a problem with murderers, and that does not make up a whole people. Unfortunately, the worst of us often make the most impression. I have developed friendships with many Arab Israelis just like myself, and some of us shared the same views exactly. To share and to live and let live.
    Please do not let the worst of us make the most impression, and remember that there is always something that you are over looking. Though I’ve been on the border many times, I’ve never stepped into gaza, and never seen things on the other side first hand. There are things I will never know, and therefore I have no right to claim to be 100% correct, and the same goes for all of us.
    To those of you who have stuck this through, thank you for listening.
    רחל לאה

    • I think what you’ve said is fair. And because I don’t live there, I will not go in to how it looks from the outside looking in. I will say the killing of those boys were despicable. Shooting a rocket in to a civilian area looks like a purposeful act. Israel kills more civilians than anybody. And just because you have better shelter, doesn’t explain or justify anything. It actually makes it look worse. How long will you as a people allow this to go on? Its been hundreds of years. Quality of life my friend is most important. Stop WAR!!!

      • Irony, indeed. Hamas shoots hundreds of rockets into Israel constantly, except unlike Hamas, Israel wants to protect it’s citizens, as opposed to encourage them to die for better media.
        When they love their children more than they hate the Jews, that’s when the fighting will end.

  10. Vedder should have stayed out of it. It is a no win for him to speak of things he obviously does not know. How many fans he must have lost. Not to mention how he disrespected John’s song, That sounded horrible.

  11. The problem isn’t with israelian people, isn’t with jewist people, the problem is with all the governments that allow this bloody slaughter.
    Israelian zionist government is not the only responsible of this war. It has many accomplices as USA government, ONU which look away..etc, and lots of countries that allow this.

    Yoav Arden, I don’t understand why do you offend with Pearl Jam words, this message has been launched to all these people who are responsible of those wars and murders. They’re talking about their politicians and government too.
    “..Not receiving our taxes to drop bombs on children! Do not! Any more “.
    Perhaps are they paying israelian taxes? ..well.. don’t think so..

    If all people who live in a country which’s government is accomplice with wars would think like you….Have we to feel alluded, angry and disappointed by this message to our hypocritas politicians?
    I don’t think so.

    They allways have been against war, and you’d have to know it.

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