New & Improved! (Part 1)

Please press play…

Somewhere Hendrix is buried, and down there he’s in a jeans with a small pocket (the ones for rubber), inside he keeps every guitarist dead or alive trying to accomplish what he can do in his eternal sleep. The new (posthumous) album offers 12 new releases from the gypsy sun and rainbows supposedly (then) upcoming album. upon listening you can hear the new direction in Hendrix music and guitar work. no specific song stands out, they all rise above and beyond.

more from the new latest…

A forgotten cover…

What happens when you mash-up

From my favorite comedy film!

The new and highly talked about Thom Yorke-Flea-Nigel Godrich-Joey Waronker-Mauro Refosco project.

New D. Bowie, I wasn’t a fan up until now…

Not only that this B. is beautiful, she’s got a great voice and her producers direct her in the right way. great listening.

After a thick hint from my sister, i gave Fever Ray (which i new before this project as The Knife) a listen and she was right, there is a movie behind this one…

A friend from abroad, but his music is universal. you can get the full album here –

Not over yet, there will be a part 2!


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