Recommendation For Everyone (With A Taste)

please press play…


Like last time – this is the new DMB from the up and coming “Away From This World” due on the the 11th Sep. 11 anniversary.

Strange story times two – usually people go to concert and get exited to hear a song they know and longed to hear by the band they came to see. I heard CS&N at the 2012 Bluesfest not really knowing any of their major hits, but i listened and very much enjoyed the show and the magic between them.
And now I feel the opposite – I put on a record and I feel like i’ve been here before, like a know the songs from somewhere.
2nd thing is – I always try to avoid buying records that are money waters or a wasted compilation – but i saw the “So Far” record with the Joni Mitchell painted cover – and the 8 Euros price tag just threw me off.
I can’t say buying an CSN&Y album is a mistake – but now i know not to go there again ’cause I’ve been there before.

Thanks to a trip i took to Berlin – I now hold the key and while you are reading I am opening a new door – the sign on the door is – “80’s”.
And the first person in the room is Morrissey – and he’s singing this beautiful song.
The Eighties are truly a disaster in terms of music but – there are still points of light.

More to come on there era!

Dedicated to Rotem and Billy.

Here since the 70’s but has come to my attention just now after a collaboration with Dan Auerbach (Black Keys guitarist) on the album “Locked Down”.

Real Funk and R&B. Good listen.

(Currently working my way through earlier DR John material)

Another oldie but a good one. Their first attempt at a Rock Oprah – made of six parts (‘Her Man’s Gone’, ‘Crying Town’, ‘We Have A Remedy’, ‘Ivor The Engine Driver’, ‘Soon Be Home’, and ‘You Are Forgiven’.) to create a story of love and forgiveness.
Just one of the many good songs on the album (including one boost to the metal world in the form of the first John Entwistle song – “Boris The Spider”

Ray Manzarek playing a version of his own to the famous Carl Orff classical piece – Carmina Burana. Emphasizing his talent as keyboardist, beautifully preformed.


Jack Black knows – there is no better way to sing “Rock Is Dead” than with a rock song. 

This is Star Anna with the great MIke Mccready and Duff McKagan singing a GN’R song.
Star Anna & The Laughing Dogs are MIke’s protégé and he is boosting their music for severl years now – going on live with them and giving them an honorable place in the PJ20 festivities.
Great band with or without the help of Mike on the guitar.



(She kinda look like Jack White)

Closing is the medium lever recording of “Evenflow” behind-the-back-another-great-Mike-Mccready-solo. 



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